Vejmrda - regionální Krkonošská restaurace s vlivy 21.století

In the media

Below are some press articles about us.

In the Media

Below are some press articles about us.

Lukáš Hejlík

Trutnov, Vejmrda (visited February 1st, 2023) - this has definitely been one of the strongest gastronomic experiences this February...


VEJdu... MRknu… DÁm si… this little pun in Czech sounds cool, but Vejrmda is also an old Bohemian side dish made of apples and horseradish. This dish has inspired the owners to give their restaurant a name which reflects their love for local tradition.


Grated apples with horseradish are known in some parts of our country as vejmrda. It is not a vulgarity, but an old Czech word, which is also the name of a restaurant in Trutnov...


"Vejmrda is a chance to show our guests a modern concept of food that has historically been cooked in the Krkonoše Mountains, made of ingredients that simply belong to rkonoše," says Tomáš Levý, the head of the brand-new...


"We also draw inspiration from the Polish part of the Krkonoše Mountains. We try to give traditional recipes a modern touch, we also aim to change the textures of traditional dishes and delicacies to a reasonable extent," says Levý...